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Behind every great author is a team of enthusiastic and supportive readers. Without you, it's impossible for any of us lonely writers to thrive! We'd like to thank our biggest supporters by creating a special list of our "Super Readers." To thank you guys, we will regularly offer advance review copies of upcoming books, include you in our planning processes, give you sneak peeks and behind-the-scenes info, and offer exclusive giveaways just for our Supers.

Fellow authors Falcon and Melissa love books so much, it only made sense for them to marry each other and share that love with the whole wide world. Between the two of them, there are always plenty of imaginative, awe-inspiring stories to share. Melissa and Falcon also run the business Novel Publicity together, where they work as publishers, marketers, and all-around business moguls. When not reading, writing, or child-rearing, they spend time relaxing at home in the company of her three dogs and five parrots. They have a standing arrangement that he will watch The Bachelor with her, as long as he is allowed to make fun of it afterward.

A long time ago in the Kingdom by the Sea... Well, things were a mess. There were polka-dotted dragons, not-so-wicked witches, rock n' roll minstrels, and all other manner of crazy characters running amok. So come along, venture back in time and journey into this topsy-turvy world of fairy tales run wild.


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