Book Review: 1984 by George Orwell

Preview…Admittedly, it has been a few years since I last read George Orwell’s grim prediction for the future, “1984”. This was one of those rare gems that was both entertaining enough to be read within a 24 stretch and meaningful enough to have left an indelible mark upon my mind. Our hero, Winston, lives in a totalitarian state run by Big Brother. Wherever he goes, he is monitored by television screens and by his peers. The worst crime anyone can commit is to have a thought against the party; yes, even thoughts are punishable offenses.

A seed of mistrust for the government plants itself in Winston as he realizes that the government is altering history and lying to him and his fellows. Love for another, Julia, cements his hatred for the party, and together the pair seeks entrance into a secret society, the Brotherhood, which aims to overthrow the party.

One unlucky misstep leads to capture and imprisonment in the brainwashing facility, the Ministry of Love. Months of torture all lead up to Winston’s entry into the dreaded Room 101 where he must face his deepest rooted fear. Will Winston continue to oppose the party or will the events that unfold inside of Room 101 cause him to accept the party and its vision for society? This is one novel that everyone should have under their literary belts.

You may like this book if… you enjoy reading dystopian novels, you are interested in politics, history, sociology or the like, you are class conscious, you are a Marxist or Conflict Theorist, you are intrigued by the logic of contradiction, you enjoy dark novels, you like thinking “what if”, you are puzzled by the odd Apple Macintosh commercial

 You may not like this book if… you have no interest in a book with many layers of meaning, it is difficult for you to imagine such a dark future, you approve of totalitarianism, you believe that love conquers all, you are afraid of rats

Mrs. Storm

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