Author Interview: Jenna Blum, The Stormchasers

Can you imagine the strange incompleteness one must experience when carrying-on life in the absence of her twin sibling? Factor in that Karena’s twin, Charles, suffers unmedicated bipolar disorder and that she hasn’t seen him for twenty years. And, oh yeah, he left her after a catastrophic event tore them apart—a secret they keep sheltered from the rest of the world.

One day, Karena receives a call from an unknown hospital three states away. Her brother is being treated there. Karena rushes to the hospital, feeling a rush of excitement, fear, and longing—only to find that Charles has been discharged. This close brush stirs up feelings that she had long attempted to suppress.

Settling back into her normal routine would now be impossible. She has to find Charles. But where is he?

Karena reasons that the best way to find Charles is to figure out where he will be going, not where he currently is. When manic, Charles chases storms; Karena joins up with a chasing tour, hoping that this dangerous path will reunite the long-separated twins.

During this journey, Karena must confront her own fears associated with the adventure and her lingering guilt about the secret they share. She must also figure out what finding Charles will mean for her both practically and emotionally. Despite the risks to body and heart, Karena must find Charles; the gaping emptiness has been leading her life for far too long.

The Storm Chasers” by Jenna Blum is a fantastic read. At times, readers will be tempted to pause and reflect upon the poetically woven passages. At others, they will soar along with the rhythmic, breathing storyline. The most compelling aspect of the novel lies in the juxtaposition of character development and metaphor.

As Charles so aptly points out, he likes the storms, because he can relate to them. The parallel between manic-depressiveness and tornadoes is marked. Both can crop up from seemingly nowhere and leave destruction in their wake. Both are at the same time deadly yet beautiful to behold. They are enigmatic, energetic, and exciting. And so is this novel.

Besides having the opportunity to read this fabulous book, I also had the pleasure of twitterviewing its author, Ms. Jenna Blum (@jenna_blum). Read on to learn more about Jenna’s writing credits, process, and success.

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