The power of great literature: Harry Potter takes down the US Kindle store!

A funny thing happened this afternoon:  the Amazon US Kindle store crashed.

Sure, you could still look at books, but you couldn’t purchase anything. “This title is not currently available in the US,” Amazon told us if we even so much as tried.

People, Amazon is a juggernaut. For it to completely go under and lose sales of mega money makers like The Hunger Games (forget about Farsighted), well, I just knew something wasn’t right. I quickly logged onto Facebook to complain/ speculate, and one of my smarter online buddies joked, “Harry Potter crashed it, heehee.”

You know what? She was right!

Previously, Harry Potter books were unavailable for Kindle. Today, that changed. All 7 books hit the Kindle store. They brought with them zealous Potter-heads eager to show their support for the inventive and wonderfully talented JK Rowling (AKA, the author who changed everything about the publishing industry).

Harry brought with him another change. Rather than being available for download via Amazon—like every other book on the site—the Harry Potter books are available only by redirecting the purchaser to Pottermore, an outside HP fan site.

My guess is that Amazon wasn’t ready for the sudden traffic surge or the burden on their server when tasked with making all those redirects.

The site was down for slightly more than one hour. Imagine how much money top sellers lost during that outage. Imagine how much Amazon lost!

This begs the question:  How long will it take JK Rowling to earn her spot in the Kindle Million Club? Is she the Charlie Sheen of Amazon? Can she make 1,000,000 sales within 24 hours? Well, to my knowledge, she’s the first author to single-handedly crash the US Kindle store, and that definitely counts for something!

Of course, it’s frustrating that authors lost sales during the Amazon gap, but more than irritating, this crash is exciting.

Look at the power of great books and zealous readers! Harry Potter brought the US Kindle store to its virtual knees. That is huge! Hunger Games is breaking box office records left and right. And even if you don’t love these series, isn’t it wonderful that so many people are getting *this* excited about books?

Gee, cap’n, it looks like we have a bright future, after all.

Mrs. Storm

Writing everything from Sweet Romance to Children's Books to Nonfiction, Melissa loves books, birds, and bonbons--in that order. She has an advanced degree that she never uses.

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