Introducing The Bird Brain Books & Ducky’s Blog. I’m Officially a Children’s Book Author!

Lately, I’ve been yapping on about the Farsighted series, leaving my poor children’s book series in the shadow of its over-achieving big brother. No more! Today’s blog post is all about my upcoming color-illustrated series, entitled The Bird Brain Books.



Me, of course! I’m taking crazy bird lady to a whole new level. I want to share my love of these feathery goofballs with early readers and am teaming up with brilliant artist extraordinaire, Ms. Sarah Shaw, to do so. Sarah has been hard at work bringing my words to life with awesome color illustrations. You can visit her website and see her neat-o portfolio here:


The Bird Brain Books is what! The series starts with three books. If those do okay, I’ve been given permission to do as many as I’d like. And 5,000 seems like a pretty good number to me. Check out their beautiful covers above and click the dropdown boxes below to learn more about them. You should totally add them to GoodReads as well—that would make me very happy.


Look for Honey the Hero on April 24, Davey the Detective on June 26, and Poppy the Proud on July 31.


This part’s exciting. I’ve signed with a truly impressive small press called Evolved Publishing. Evolved describes itself as “an Indie Publisher that’s part publisher, part authors’ cooperative, part self-publishing on steroids — a new hybrid.”

Basically, it’s made up of a bunch of friendly, talented, and knowledgeable individuals, including my illustrator, Sarah, and editor, Lane Diamond (you can visit him here). Another team member is Kimberly Kinrade (visit her here). Kimberly is pretty much everything to me; she’s a great friend, an author whose work I really admire, and even a Novel Publicity employee. She was the one who convinced me to come on board, and, boy, am I glad she did!

For those of you who are curious, I will still be self-publishing the Farsighted series through my label Blue Crown Press. I also have a women’s fiction novel, entitled The Iron Pillar, out with my agent. What does this mean? It means I’m dipping my toe in all three publishing ponds, and I’m enjoying the experience very much. Eventually, I do plan to pick my favorite water body and build a more permanent nest.


Because kids’ books rock. They’re what turned me into a lifelong reader and stoked my crazy kid imagination. They made me who I am! I’ve already been celebrating children’s literature with the “books that made me love reading” challenge all year, and taking a trip back has made me recognize just how influential our earliest reading experiences can be.

I want to be some small child’s hero—is that asking too much? Putting out my own line of children’s books seemed easier than birthing an heir, at least for now.

Um, anyway, I wrote the first draft of Honey the Hero back in summer 2008. I never thought it would see the light of day until Evolved decided to free it from its wooden prison (i.e. the dreaded drawer where manuscripts go to die). So Honey is officially four years old, and we’re finally getting her out to the world. What a fantastic birthday present!


How will I be reaching out to my youngest readers? Still in all the same places, of course. I’ve always made an effort to keep my writing and activities PG, so I don’t need to clean up my act one iota.

What I do need is a place on this site that kids can call their own. The answer? I’m giving the annoying bird a blog. You heard me—Ducky now has a blog. I mean, it makes sense, given that he already has accounts on Twitter, Facebook, and GoodReads. It was only a matter of time, I suppose. You can visit Ducky’s blog at He’ll be sharing silly stories (like the time he escaped outside and got on the roof but couldn’t figure out how to come back down, that’s a great story), pictures, and even videos (you saw this one, right?). Ducky’s content will *always* be 100% kid-friendly. I hope you’ll consider sharing his musings with the little ones in your life… and I hope you’re officially excited about the Bird Brain Books!

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