Ducky reviews The Ugly Duckling and relates it to his own life

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Everybody knows the story of the Ugly Duckling, right? A nest of eggs hatches–there are tons of cute little yellow fluffballs and one awkward-looking gray one. His mean-o brothers and sisters name him Ugly. Poor thing! Ugly has a very hard childhood. Everywhere he goes people and animals reject him because he is just so ugly. Then one day, he looks down and catches his reflection in the lake. And what do you know? He is way more beautiful than his duck brothers and sisters now that everyone’s grown up. He is a swan!

So I’m sure you’d like to know, what this story means to me, a bird–a bird named DUCKY no less. Well, first off, I feel very sad for Ugly. How did he get left in a nest of ducklings anyway? You’ve seen baby ducks before, right? I mean, they are always showing off, marching behind their mama in a straight little line, stopping traffic as they strut across the street. Point is, baby ducks are cute, and they know it!

Do you want to know what I looked like as a baby? Okay, but it’s kind of embarrassing. Here’s a pic of what I looked like when I first hatched…

So just imagine if I had ended up in a nest of those adorable yellow guys. My name would probably have been “Super Ugly!” But wait just a minute! Time flies and things change. Do you want to know what those baby ducks looks like all grown up and what I look like now too?



Yay! I’m all prettified! And the duck is less cute, if you ask me.

So basically, the way I see it, there are two lessons every kid can learn from The Ugly Duckling. One, you never know when things are going to start looking up–don’t be sad! And two,

What makes us different is what makes us beautiful!

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