Interview & Hardcover Giveaway with Marissa Meyer, Author of Cinder (an AMAZING novel)

Today, I’m delighted to host an interview with Marissa Meyer, author of the amazing novel Cinder. If you haven’t read my fan girl review yet, you can check it out here. This interview is also part of the Fairy Tale  Giveaway Hop, which means you can enter to win a hardcover copy of Cinder here and then hop along to over 75 other blogs that are also hosting giveaways of YA books with fairy tale themes. Cinder’s the best one though! 😉 So sit back and enjoy this cool, quirky interview with an even cooler, quirkier author. When you’re done, I’d love to hear what percent human v. robot you are, and why!

Hi, Marissa. Thanks for agreeing to an interview. I fan girl LOVED Cinder and have been procrastinating way too long in trying to think up questions worthy of you. All hail, the brilliant debut author. Hail! Anyway, I hope I do you justice.

Aw, shucks! Thanks so much for having me, Emlyn. I’m delighted that you enjoyed Cinder!

I want to start with my signature question. It’s kind of nuts, but it will help everyone to understand Cinder like they’ve never understood it before! Let’s paint a picture of your novel. Please choose something from each of the following categories that best summarizes the book and explain why: color, animal, US city, car, and food.

Ahaha, how clever! Let’s see. Cinder is most like the color silver, for the moon, the ball gown, and the steel plating on Cinder’s prosthetic hand! Cinder is most like a butterfly—is there a more poignant rags to riches tale than a caterpillar’s? Cinder is most like San Francisco, because it’s set in futuristic Asia and I think San Francisco probably has the best China Town. Cinder is most like a VW Beetle, because I’ll forever associate the Beetles with pumpkin carriages now. Cinder is most like a bento box: the concept may seem simple, but there’s unexpected depth of flavor.

Warning, warning! This question is so NOT original. You probably get it in every single interview you do, but… if I don’t ask it, I fear my blog followers shall throw objects at walls out of sheer frustration. Please forgive the lapse of quirk and tell us:  Why did you decide to update the story of Cinderella, and how on earth did cyborgs get mixed in?

I’ve always loved fairy tales and have played with the idea of doing a retelling for many years, but there are so many retellings out there (especially of Cinderella), that I knew I wanted to do something really different. Then one day I entered a writing contest with a short story adaptation of Puss in Boots, set in the future. It was so much fun to write, and it gave me my big idea: I’ll write a series of sci-fi fairy tales! As for Cinder being a cyborg, that was a lucky twist that popped into my head as I was falling asleep one night, and it just seemed to fit. I call it my “boy sparkling in a meadow” moment.

Cinder is a cyborg comprised of roughly 36% machine and 64% human. What percentage human are you? Please tell us about your robot bits and tendencies.

I can be neurotically goal-driven and have taken on so many writing challenges over the years (including one November in which I wrote 150,000 words in an attempt to win a contest), that I’ve been asked more than once if I’m actually a cyborg. I’m not telling if it’s true though.

Cinder has super cool cybernetic enhancements (the flashing orange light that detects lies is, hands-down, my favorite). Which of Cinder’s advanced functions would you most like to have for yourself, and how would you use it to make your life better/ in what situations?

Although Cinder uses her lie detector to great advantage, I definitely would not want that skill—I would always be on edge, waiting to see if a compliment or praise was real or not! Rather, I would take Cinder’s Google-in-the-brain function any day. Any information you need, any time! It would be like a hands-free iPhone that never needs charging.

Okay, enough about robotics. Cinder has a cool Arcadia v Stark vibe to it. The Lunar race employs magic and glamor to counterbalance the Earthen’s techno-heavy existence. Personally, would you rather have magic or gadgets? Why?

Oh, definitely magic, though probably not the mind-control/glamour magic that the Lunars use. I would prefer a more traditional fairy-godmother-type wand, where I could turn pumpkins into carriages, rags into ball gowns, and make wishes come true.

I’m chewing my nails off here whilst I wait for book #2 in The Lunar Chronicles. I understand you’re going Little Red Riding Hood on our butts. How does she factor into the series, and how have you upgraded to LRRH 2.0?

Scarlet (a.k.a. Little Red) is a spitfire of a heroine who gets caught up in Levana’s evil plans when her grandmother mysteriously disappears, and the only person willing to help her is a suspicious street fighter named Wolf. Beyond that tidbit, I’m afraid you’ll just have to wait and see how it all plays out!

Thanks so much for the interview, Emlyn!

Sounds awesome, right?

And you could win a free copy!

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