Love Hunger Games? Then you’ll love these DIY craft and costume ideas!

This is a guest post by Heather Holloman

I have mad respect for Katniss, from the Hunger Games trilogy, and her resourcefulness.  We may not live in a post apocalyptic world, but creativity is always a useful tool.  To sharpen up your creative skills, here are a few Hunger Games inspired projects to make using recycled materials.

Not feeling crafty?

Instead,try you luck by entering to win this unique group of handmade shadow box magnets.  The set includes four Hunger Games themed magnets, filled with tiny trinkets and treasures.  Each magnet represents a special moment from the book:

  1. A shiny number twelve in glassy coal for the breath taking entrance of District Twelves tributes at the opening parade
  2. A sweet music note surrounded by flowers for the touching burial of Rue
  3. A bold, shiny arrow for Katniss and her time hunting in the woods with Gale
  4. A loaf of bread for Peeta’s priceless moment of giving

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*May the odds be ever in your favor!*

Nightlock Berry Key Chain

The poisonous nightlock berries tucked deep in Katniss’ pocket saved Peeta and her at the last minute in The Hunger Games.  If you want to carry nightlock berries in your pocket, then this tutorial is just for you. This unique key chain will keep your keys close and give you secret protection against the Capitol. Click here for the tutorial…

Mockingjay Bobby Pins

No paragraph was more emotional then the description of Rue’s death.  I choked back tears while reading about the symbolic flower burial and how the mockingjays carried Rue’s four note song through the trees. Each of these little hair pins features a mockingjay perched on her nest about to take flight, singing Rue’s district tune. Click here for the tutorial…

District Postcards

If the citizens of Panem could travel from district to district in The Hunger Games, maybe they would send each other postcards. Print the template and make your card based on the good produced by each district.  Click here for the tutorial…

Katniss Arrow Book Mark

Katniss had incredible aim with her weapon of choice: the bow and arrow.  You might not be able to shoot an apple with this little arrow, but it will easily hold your place in the book. Click here for the tutorial…


Make your own Hunger Games Inspired Outfit

Every week, I post about an outfit purchased at the Goodwill Outlet Center.  The Outlet Center is like the regular Goodwill, but with bins instead of shelves or racks, and clothing is purchased by weight… at fifty cents per pound!  This week, I posted about a Hunger Games inspired outfit.

If you are into the Hunger Games books, then you know all about fiery Katniss.  In her father’s old leather jacket, she sneaks under the metal fence that surrounds her district to hunt with her bow & arrow in the woods.  This (imitation) leather jacket was a great find.  Its a worn, dark brown with plenty of straps, pockets and zippers.  I’ve never really worn a leather jacket before, and its a little intense.  But it is warm and if anyone wants to take me for a ride on their motorcycle, I am prepared!

Another first-time-buy this week was a pair of jeggings! Yup, that’s right: Jeggings.  When I have them on, I can’t help but feel a little bit like Conan O’Brian.

The wash is very dark and they look brand new, I was surprised to see them in the bin.  They just look so funny with the big, goofy elastic waist band and seem so small and silly, but when I wear them I’m comfortable and they really do look just like skinny jeans.  I found this belt a while back and grabbed it because I like the twisted leather bands.  I think unique belts are a great way to add interest to a simple outfit like this.

My boots were one of the first good Outlet Center finds ever.  This was one of those, “Oh, Heather, are you really going to buy that and try to fix it?” items.  The soles were floppy and caked with mud.   After I re-attached the soles with super glue and polished them up to a shiny, new black, they’ve held up amazingly well. I wear them constantly and haven’t had to do any more repairs.

My last Hunger Games crafty project is this t-shirt.  All kinds of ideas were rolling around in my head that involved altering an article clothing.  To avoid creating something that would only be appropriate if I was trying to Cosplay as Lara Croft, I decided to keep it simple.

Shirts like this are a dime-a-dozen at the outlet (haha, almost literally!).  I chose this heather gray v-neck boyfriend tee because I knew that I would wear it often, not just for this post. Can you guess why I picked that specific number?

If you guessed ‘Because Katniss and Peeta are from District 12’, you are correct!  If you guessed ‘Because liking a young adult novel this much makes me think you are actually twelve years old’,…I guess that answer would also be correct.  This is a quick project.  Just grab a pack of iron on letters; mine are ALSO from the outlet center.  Yes, I’m that good 🙂   They can also be found at craft stores and even the dollar store.  Decide on a unique location and simply iron on your number!

Heather is an artist from Grand Rapids, Michigan.

She loves finding old, unwanted items to transform into something wonderful and new.  Her  favorite activities are treasure hunting at thrift stores, making things, and reading.  

For fun craft projects that are also good for the earth, please visit her blog, Shades of Tangerine, or follow Shades of Tangerine on facebook.

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