10 Reasons Why Cora Flash is an Awesome Read for your Tween

Today it is my great pleasure to host Cora Flash and the Diamond of Madagascar as part of the Novel Publicity blog tour. If an author’s done his job right, sometimes the line between the story and the character is very blurry. In the case of Ms. Cora Flash, I’d venture to say it’s invisible!

To that end, I’d like to review the character herself to show you just how awesome this book series is…

Cora Flash is awesome, because:

  1. At just 11 years old, she’s already a world-class detective
  2. From ice cream cones to root beer floats to a giant bag of candy, the girl’s got a sweet tooth
  3. She sees the good in everyone but doesn’t let it blind her
  4. She gets her social media on–why wouldn’t you use Facebook to help solve a crime, duh!
  5. Like a true tween, she both loves her mom and is inconvenienced by her
  6. She makes friends easily wherever she goes
  7. She loves her dog but thinks picking up his poop is gross–it is gross
  8. She’s fluent in text speak
  9. She believes in ghosts but is always willing to consider alternative explanations
  10. She uses her fear as motivation rather than an obstacle

You’re totally feeling the awesomeness now, aren’t you? Why wouldn’t you want to introduce your young readers to such a feisty, intelligent, and well-rounded individual as Ms. Cora? Go ahead, find a reason–I dare ya!

About the author: Tommy Davey spent his youth writing mystery stories and plays, and watching reruns of Three’s Company until every line of dialogue was permanently burned into his memory. When not writing, he enjoys traveling to favorite destinations including New York City and Paris, which he plans to feature in future stories. He lives in Toronto, where he was born and raised, with a Norfolk Terrier named Calvin. “Cora Flash and the Diamond of Madagascar” is his first novel. Connect with Tommy on his website, Facebook, Twitter, or GoodReads.

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