Sun Conure says, “I love my new daddy, even though I bite him!”

Your good friend Ducky here. And, well, basically I’m writing this blog post as part of a punishment.

Last night, Mama Emlyn was lecturing me about how I live the sweet life, nomming on tasty mango treats, reclining in my deluxe pent-house aviary, and listening to my very own Pandora station whenever the mood strikes me. All that’s true.

But then she moved on to say I’m doing a horrible job as the spokesmodel for both the Bird Brain Books and Novel Publicity.

Umm, hello? Doesn’t she know that I’m more MODEL than SPOKES any day of the week?

What’s more, Mama Emlyn said I’m “wasting my platform.” Now I hang around enough authors (well, I sit on Ma Em’s shoulder while she talks to them on the phone, anyway) to know that she’s saying I don’t use my high-profile avian existence to bring to light the avian way of life.

Apparently, Spokesmodel for all parrot kind has now been added to my job description. Yeah, because that’s such an easy job?

But because I love my mommy almost as much as I love tasty mango treats, I will give it a try in this, the first installment of my new “Sun Conure Says” blog series.


In this installment, I discuss the recent changes in my life. See, like a lot of kids in today’s world, I am the product of divorce. And like a lot of kids again, my mommy got remarried, and now I have to figure out what I think of my stepdad and whether it’s okay for him to be my dad dad.

First off, I should mention that I did not like original daddy. In fact, I call him Bad Daddy. That’s okay for me, since I’m a bird, but human kids should always love their parents!

New Daddy is an entirely different story. I knew I loved him even before Mommy did, if you can believe that. In my life as a pet parrot, I bite a lot of people. You know, people who make me uncomfortable, get too close, or might pose a threat to my beloved mama.

I knew New Daddy was different right from the start, so I perched on his hand, talked to him in my bubble voice, and even danced. Mama Emlyn went crazy with happiness, saying it was the first time I had ever taken kindly to a stranger. And, well, it was. But I didn’t consider New Daddy a stranger, I loved him from the moment I first laid my little bird eyes on him.

That’s why I hatched a scheme to get Mama to love him, so that he could really be my New Daddy. And, welp, I’m pleased to say, it worked like a charm!

Now I’m the happiest bird in the world, because I have not just one amazing parent, but two. Seriously, how did I get so lucky?

New Daddy sings me songs, brings me treats, and scratches my head. I am obsessed with him, going so far as to cry whenever he leaves the room even if Mama Emlyn is still with me. And if New Daddy sleeps past sunrise or takes a nap, I take a seat on my favorite perch and just watch him sleep. He’s so cute!

I even learned how to make a kissy noise, so that every time Mom and Dad kiss, I can participate in the fun too with my awesome sound effects!

And I know New Daddy loves me too, even though sometimes he gets mad at me 🙁

You see, I love all the great things he does for me so much that sometimes I have to bite him when he forgets to do those things. I don’t mean to hurt him, only remind him that he needs to sing me a song or scratch my head. But he just gets so mad at me whenever I bite him, and I get put back in the cage immediately, which is not what I want, so I cry and cry.


Kids, can you help me figure out how to keep New Daddy happy? The goal is to get more songs, more cuddles, and—as always—more tasty mango treats!


Mrs. Storm

Writing everything from Sweet Romance to Children's Books to Nonfiction, Melissa loves books, birds, and bonbons--in that order. She has an advanced degree that she never uses.

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