Vicky Finds a Valentine: Release Day & Ducky’s Review

Today’s a huge day. My sixth Bird Brain Book is officially here, and it’s one of my editor’s favorites—whoopee! Vicky Finds a Valentine is all about a little love bird looking for love on Valentine’s Day. Awwww.

To celebrate this momentous occasion, I’ve asked Ducky to assist me in providing a preview of this awesome new book for kids. But first, here’s the official Vicky teaser and some pretty illustrations for you to look over. Oh, and you can read an excerpt at

How can a love bird resist a day that’s all about celebrating love? Vicky sets off on a search to find her one special Valentine, and asks anyone who will listen. Unfortunately, the pretty dolly ignores her—so do the people in the glass box, and she’s not sure she can trust the family cat’s intentions. Will the day come to a close before Vicky can find a Valentine?


Now onto the Duck-meister…

Hello, your good friend Ducky here. And, boy, Mama Emlyn is really making me work for my tasty mango treats these days. First she sticks a whole blog series on me, and then she tells me it’s my job to let readers know about her new book…

Okay, okay, I’m doing it! Just remember, you promised a tasty mang–I mean, you promised TWO tasty mango treats!

What can I say about Vicky Finds a Valentine? Hmmm…

Well, I guess I should start by saying, I really liked it! Vicky kind of reminded me of my favorite person–me! I mean, we have that whole pet bird thing in common, and we enjoy a lot of the same activities:  taking a bath in the water dish, watching the outside birds, eating yummy apple slices (which are almost as yummy as tasty mango treats, but not quite).

I wish I could have been in this story, because I would have gladly been Vicky’s Valentine. She’s kind of cute, don’t you think?

And, I don’t know what Vicky was watching on TV–what’s that, Mama Emlyn? A telenovella? Okay–so she was watching a telenovella, which sounds pretty cool and everything, but she would probably like Glee much better. I LOVE GLEE! There’s so much music and dancing, and it’s just an awesome show that I’m sure birds the world over would love.

Back to Vicky. So there was this cat named Sparky who said he’d be Vicky’s Valentine, but I kind of suspect he was planning to trick Vicky and turn her into a snack! BAD KITTY! That’s just not cool. If I’d been in the story, I could have shown Vicky how to take care of that cat once and for all. I mean, I live with three crazy dogs and none of them ever mess with me. The secret is to give him a tight snap on his nose with your beak. He’ll run away crying, and you’ll be forever safe in your house. BIRDS RULE!

So, yeah, there was a lot of totally cool stuff about Vicky, but my absolute favorite part was when her little girl came home and gave Vicky a heart-shaped seed bar. Seed bars are at least half as tasty as tasty mango treats, which is pretty darned tasty!

Well, that’s my review of Vicky Finds a Valentine. You loved it, right? Of course, you did, because Vicky is awesome–almost as awesome as me, but not quite.

Anyhoozer, since this book releases today, you can go buy it for the low, low price of $2.99. Oh, yeah. You heard me right, folks. That’s crazy cheap for all the hours of enjoyment you and your kids will get from reading Vicky’s story. So go pick up your copy on Amazon US, Amazon UK, or Smashwords (don’t worry, it will be available on other retailers soon enough. Oh, and the paperback and hardcover editions should be available sometime next week).

Anyway, your good friend Ducky signing out. Once you read Vicky Finds a Valentine, you totally have to come back and leave me a comment, so we can talk about it, okay? Okay! QUACK!

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