Sun Conure says, “I love taking baths in my water dish!”

Your good friend Ducky here. And, apparently, it’s my job to write a shiny new blog for kids each and every weekend. Last week I talked about living with a new step-parent. This week I’m going to discuss taking baths and keeping clean.

Come back every weekend for my birdly take on real issues human kids have to face—hey, we Sun Conures have to face them, too!

So I was talking about baths. I’ve heard a lot of kids hate being forced to take baths, but you know what? I just love them! You see, I come from a place called the Rain Forest.

If you’ve watched the movie Rio, then you probably know a little bit about my native habitat. The only real difference between Rio and the actual Rain Forest is the birds there are true blood-and-feather birds, not cartoons.

Anyway, as you can probably guess from the name RAIN Forest. It rains a lot there. Rather than having to stay inside to play, we Sun Conures love frolicking in the rain showers and getting our feathers nice and wet.

In fact, when I get all wet, Mama Emlyn says I look like a little dinosaur. RAAR! RAAR!

I love getting clean so much that I like to take a shower every day. Sometimes, my mom is too busy or forgets to help me take a shower, and that makes me sad. So what do I do? I take a bath in my water dish, of course!

I love my water dish so much. Whenever I’m eating my crunchies, I make sure to dip them in there to make them nice and soft. Sometimes I get distracted and leave my crunchies in the water, which turns it a lovely shade of green—and, according to Mama Emlyn and New Daddy, makes it smell really bad.

But I love being clean, so I take a bath in my stinky green water dish, anyway.

What makes me really upset, though, is that after I take a bath in my water dish, Mom and Dad don’t want to play with me and sometimes they have to cough and turn on the noisy air purifier.

And with Mommy and Daddy staying away from me, who’s going to give me tasty mango treats? You see my problem, right?


Kids, what do you think I should do in order to get my bath AND my tasty mango treats? Do you love taking baths like I do?


Mrs. Storm

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