I Love You, Man = Switzerland: Her Review

Okay, so apparently my His & Her Reviews are becoming very one-note. Falcon and I choose something to review, and I do review the designated thing… a little. But mostly, I jump into a long-winded speech about how much I love my husband.

Apparently, this is not only annoying–it’s embarrassing. So out of respect for my hubby’s feelings, I’m going to try to review this week’s topic without the extra helping of hearts and flowers. *takes a deep breath* Okay, here we go…

So this week we needed to approach something neutral. You see, we had to swap out weeks so that Fal could subject me to the torture that is the Super Bowl, and I could hit him with girly mushy gushy stuff for Valentine’s Day.

Where’s the middle ground in a series that highlights the battle of the sexes?

Well, apparently Switzerland is the bromantic comedy, “I Love You, Man.”

Let me start off the same way I always do—by talking about the actors.

Finally, something with some good-looking guys. All right! Paul Rudd is simply okay. I will forever think of him as Mike from “Friends” (you know, Phoebe’s lobster?). Yeah.

Then we have Jason Segel. First, I like that his name sounds like a type of bird when you say it aloud—that’s cool. But what I really like about homeboy Jason is that he’s adorably hot. He’s tall, which is always sexy to a 5’10 Amazon like me, but what really really made me fall in love with this actor is his role on “How I Met Your Mother.”

I used to watch Marshall and Lily and all their cutesy cuteness and just roll my eyes. “Yeah, right,” I’d mutter. “As if couples like that actually exist in the real world.”

Then I met Fal and we kind of have a very Marshall-and-Lily-esque vibe. We’ve been told more than once by others that we make them want to vomit from all the lovey-doveyness. Mission accomplished. The thing I love most about Fal is—

Oh, crap. I’m doing it again! No, that totally wasn’t on purpose. I’m reviewing “I Love You, Man,” not proclaiming my irritatingly huge love for my husband. So, where was I?

The actors. Yeah, they were good. Usually Jason Segel gets typecast in kind of the wuss role, so I liked seeing him as the cooler guy to Paul Rudd’s wuss.

The great thing about this film is that it follows all the conventions of the romance genre despite being a movie about a couple of guys and their friendship. They have the memorable meeting scene, followed by the slightly awkward getting to know you montage, the more outgoing one brings the more closed off one out of his shell, things are wonderful, and then—BAM—drama. The inciting event almost ruins their relationship, and, indeed, it finds the two apart for a while. But then comes the big, sweeping romantic gestures, and just like that, everything is perfect again.

And they both live happily-ever-after to boot.

Umm, wow, I don’t seem to have much to talk about when I stay on topic, do I?

Has anyone else watched “I Love You, Man?” What did you guys think? Is this a movie about guys for girls? Well, that’s what I think. But it’s kind of genius like that, because it’s a good way to trick your husband or boyfriend into watching what is essentially a romance. All the semisweet feelings are still there. There’s just not any awkward sex scenes.

Yeah, I really don’t like watching sex scenes in movies, no matter how tasteful they’re meant to be. Like, you know, when you’re watching a movie with your mom, and then—whooopa!—there’s naked people. No, that’s just not cool.

But “I Love You, Man” is totally a movie I could watch with my mom. I would just ask her to go make popcorn or something while the two guys talk about, um, *reminds self she is a children’s book author and therefore cannot say certain things* When they talk about *takes a note from “How I Met Your Mother”* When they talk about petting puppies. Yeah, petting puppies.

Mom, go get me some popcorn.


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“If this was an 80’s movie, (how many times do I use that phrase? Maybe we need some more 80’s style movies) this would initiate the montage… Seriously, Paul Rudd plays the type of guy you would have made fun of in High School, even if you were part of the marching band… I feel like maybe this “compromise” came back to bite me in the butt… So, who’s ready for the Super Bowl?”

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