Sun Conure says, “Dealing with the death of a loved one is never easy.”

Your good friend Ducky here, and I’m back for another installment of my blog for kids. Check back every weekend as I discuss real issues that real kids face—hey, we birds have to face them, too!

Today, I’m going to talk about a difficult subject—losing a loved one. Hopefully, most kids won’t have to face the death of someone they love until they’re much, much older. I am 5 years old, and already I’ve lost two of my closest friends.

You see, we birds don’t live as long as humans. Each bird has a very different life span anywhere from 2 years to over 100! Mama says I can expect to live until at least 30—and maybe even forever if she has any say in it.

Anyway, parakeets usually only live 3-7 years in captivity, and this year, my three parakeet siblings all turned 7. Back in August, we lost Bumble. Then, last week, Honey died, too.

I was really sad, and my sister Pegasus, the cockatiel, was really, really sad. She cried for hours, and nobody could do anything to make her feel better. Honey was her very best friend in the whole world.

Without Honey and Bumble, our flock went from 5 birds, to just 3—me, Pegasus, and Hornet (the one remaining parakeet). Birds live and thrive in flocks, just like humans live and thrive in families. Needless to say, it gets lonely when there aren’t so many feathery friends around to play and cuddle with.

Mama Emlyn was really sad about losing my bird brothers, too. She cried, and Daddy had to comfort her. After everyone had shed a healthy amount of tears, Mommy and Daddy went outside to bury Honey in the garden and give her a nice funeral. I wasn’t allowed to come, because it’s too cold outside for birds this time of year. But I did get to go to Bumble’s funeral back in August, which was nice.

Even though it was hard losing my flock mates, I’m still really happy I got to know them. Now I will always have the memories I shared with them—from sharing tasty treats to taking baths and even flying around the house. The sadness I feel now that they’re gone is worth it, because they gave me happiness for 5 whole years, my entire life up to now.

When somebody you love dies, of course, you’ll miss them, but don’t stay sad too long. Thanks to wonderful you, I can guarantee that person had a great life!

I will keep the memories of Honey and Bumble close to my heart for the rest of my life, and in that way, they will live on forever.


Kids, what do you do when you’re feeling sad? How do your mommy and daddy make you feel better?


Mrs. Storm

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