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Over the last few months, you might have noticed a severe lack of blog posts from me. Or not. You may have instead discovered the optimal temperature for perfect maple syrup viscosity. I don’t know, I wasn’t there. But suffice to say, there has been a lack of blogging going on here.

Why? (I’m assuming you’re asking, because if I’m asking this gets a tad ridiculous.) Well, I got a new job.
‘Good for you,’ I hear you say? (Yes, I can hear you.) Well, as you may have noticed from the blog title, my new boss is abusive. She interrupts my meal times, I get call from her all hours of the night, she screams at me if things aren’t perfect. I suppose it wouldn’t be so bad if every project wasn’t life or death in her eyes. I can seriously feel my blood pressure reaching dangerous levels.

Pay is practically nonexistent, there are some really good benefits, but no retirement. The only thing to really look forward to? In a couple years, the power dynamic shifts and I’ll be giving the orders. Yup, I’m fast-tracked for upper management and will very quickly be my boss’s boss. Then, oh boy, do I have some plans. They start with little things like time-outs and move up to weekly chores.

Okay, so if you haven’t guessed by now, I’m talking about my newborn daughter. And no, things aren’t as bad as I’ve made them out to be. They’re so much better… and yet also, so much worse. But such is the duality of parenthood.

Which brings me to the general purpose of this post. I am a stay-at-home dad. Although I still have my other at home careers (author, audio engineer, blogger, etc.), I really wanted to add a little something about this job to my blog. I have always had weird thoughts when it comes to child rearing (is it just me, or does child rearing sound like a PC term for spanking?) and well, why wouldn’t I share those thoughts?

So as a new feature, I’ll be doing a weekly Dad-At-Home blog post. I’m thinking it should be on Mondays. As always feel free to leave any questions or comments below, especially if you actually have discovered the temperature for perfect maple syrup viscosity.

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