Dad At-Home

You may have noticed that I haven’t been adding blogs like I used to. If you’re one of those six people in the world, I thank you for still bothering to visit my site.

On the 13th, I became more of a stay at home dad. Wait, what? Yes, more of a stay at home dad. You see, up until that time, my wife and I both worked from home, making things a lot easier on the both of us and potentially spoiling our daughter. Well, my wife started a new, very creative and interesting career, leaving daddy and daughter at home…alone.

Of course, being a guy, my first impulse was to add sharpie eyebrows and a mustache to my daughter in order to brighten my day. After a hour of contemplation, I realized that this was something my wife would not condone, so I skipped the “Baby Villain Project” and tried to find other activities.

My daughter had other ideas. Having had both parents around nonstop since birth, she had gotten accustomed to getting what she wanted, when she wanted it, while still being entertained by a parent. When she got tired of one parent, she would cry until she got the other parent. The first couple days were pretty hard on her and I until she figured out that she was stuck with me.

Once that sunk in for the both of us, we knew it was time to try to make do until The Allmommy (this is the first time I’ve typed that and I have to say, I like it) arrived home. So daughter and I had to figure out how to deal with each other.

At my heart, I am a mad scientist and I of course started my experiments in baby care. (No babies were harmed in the course of this testing, amazingly.) Because of this testing, I have discovered that my dogs are lousy backup baby sitters, my daughter can sleep soundly in any position that prevents me from working, and that going to the bathroom is nearly impossible to do.

Of course this has put quite the damper on blogging as well, which is why it’s been a couple weeks since my last Dad At-Home post. Complaints about my post punctuality can be placed in the comments and addressed to my daughter. Once she learns to read (I’m shooting for some time after next week) I’ll make sure she responds.

So until next time– oh crap, she’s gotten ahold of the dog and the scissors, gotta go!

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