His Other Reviews: I Wanna Marry Harry

Damn. This show isn’t about Daniel Radcliff. In other news, the acronym for this blog series is sounding more and more accurate. (I’ll wait) Get it?

So, here’s another show where they round up a bunch of desperate women and force them to act like catty bitches in order to “win” a man. Have I mentioned that I hate “reality” TV?

Instead of a regular relationship that is based off several small lies, IWMH is building a relationship off one BIG lie. It’s not like you saying during your first date “Yeah, I like jogging, too.” When you run as much as a pelican. No this is “Yeah, I’m the other prince. The one with hair.”

Despite the lie, I’m wondering why this needs to be the reality treatment type show. Can’t he do the same thing in a pub with a buddy in a black suit?

Oh well. Let’s get on to our latest installment of Sluts VS. The Con Man

We have to start with a Harry-Over, because the guy doesn’t actually look that much like Prince Harry. Then go all My Fair Lady on him to make sure he knows the difference between forks. Of course, none of that matters because Fox decided to round up a group of ditzy Americans who couldn’t tell Prince Harry from Prince. I doubt these girls are going to spot him using a salad fork on his steak.

They bring out the girls and wow. I thought the contestants on The Bachelor were trashy. I might have to find a different word for the Bachelor girls. They seem downright sophisticated next to these chicks. I almost have to wonder if they were rejected from Bachelor for not being smart enough. Yeah, it’s that bad.

I’m wondering how long before someone does a bad British accent. (How to spot a bad British accent: if the speaker isn’t British, but is trying to sound British, it’s bad.)

These girls are really low class gold diggers, so this might’ve been referred to as Project Karma.

On to The Masquerade! The women are drunk, loud and grilling “Harry.” The cameraman seems really interested in the fire dancer they booked for this and… wow, it’s over?

Okay, well, at least the show has that going for it, it’s short. And now that I’ve caught up on last week’s reality, expect some new posts soon. Although with as short as this show is, I might have to fold the next episode into my Bachelor review.

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