Fun with Chickens!

By now you all probably know that the two things I love most in this world (besides my family, of course) are books and birds. Imagine my delight, when fellow children’s book author RC Beaird reached out to me to review his book about chickens!

Like my series, The Bird Brain Books, the story in “Randy Bamboo in Chicken City” is longer than a standard picture book even though it’s fully illustrated, and it’s perfect for readers who crave fuller, more complex plot lines but aren’t yet ready for chapter books.

I found myself chuckling as I read this cute story about working hard and taking pride in what you do, a very valuable lesson for readers of all ages. When Randy moves from the city to the country with his folks, his dad informs him that it would be good for Randy to raise chickens. Throughout the story, Randy learns that raising chickens requires patience, sacrifice, and understanding, but also finds the experience one he thoroughly enjoys and loves sharing with anyone who will listen–including his city friends who often come for visits, donning their very own cowboy hats.


I’d recommend “Randy Bamboo in Chicken City” for children making the transition from big cities to small towns, kids who want to learn about farm life or who need to learn the value of hard work, and–of course–for anyone who loves birds anywhere near as much as I do. This was a fun read with bright pictures and lots of laugh-out-loud moments too. Definitely recommended! You can get your copy here.

Oh, and as a special bonus, there’s a song about chickens and a list of discussion questions in the back of the book, both of which I found to be super cool đŸ™‚

Mrs. Storm

Writing everything from Sweet Romance to Children's Books to Nonfiction, Melissa loves books, birds, and bonbons--in that order. She has an advanced degree that she never uses.